Grotto quiz 140713630Having family and friends round for a Christmas gathering? Like the idea of putting their festive knowledge to the test? Here are quiz questions sure to challenge. We also have a quiz for the youngsters in your life, borrowed from Ed Elf’s Christmas Grotto. And try our Beat-the-Bell Round and just watch the competitive juices flow.

Christmas Trivia Quiz

1) What was Clement Clarke Moore’s famous Christmas offering? (Clue if needed: think poetry)

2) What popular Christmas song was written as a poem by copywriter Robert May in 1939 for a chain of department stores to attract customers? It was set to music 10 years later and has since sold 80 million copies worldwide. (Clue if needed: think animals and noses)

3) Deers innards and other offal, sometimes mixed with fruit and spices, made a 17th Century Christmas or mince pie eaten by the lower classes. It’s where a well-known saying about well, kind of ‘swallowing one’s pride’ comes from. Suggestions please.

4) In which city will you find the Angel Tree – covered by Neopolitan angels and surrounded by creche figures? A bonus point for the exact location. (Clue: think USA)

5) Who said: “Let the children have their night of fun and laughter, let the gifts of Father Christmas delight their play. Let us grown-ups share to the full in their unstinted pleasures before we turn again to the stern tasks and the formidable years that lie before us”?

6) Within 20 years either side, when was the Christmas Poinsettia plant discovered in Mexico and developed in the USA?

7) In Victorian times, Londoner Tom Smith is the man who created a Christmas “must”. What is it? (Clue: think Christmas party table)

8) As of 2009, to the nearest million, what’s the worth of unwanted gifts returned to shops each January?

9) When did Queen Elizabeth II broadcast her first Christmas Day message to the Commonwealth?

10) In what year did the Queen’s Christmas Day speech contain the words “annus horribilis”?

11) The ‘Dark Helper’ has historically helped which Christmas character? (Clue: think the main man)

12) One Christmas staple gets its trademark taste from a chemical defence it has evolved to ward off insects. What is the staple in question? (Clue: think Christmas dinner)

13) Charles Wesley wrote the words for “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, first published in 1739. But which famous composer wrote the tune in 1840 that we know and sing today? (Clue: surname starts with an ‘M’)


14) When was Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” first a Christmas number one?

15) The Spice Girls had three successive Christmas number ones in what decade? A bonus point if you can name the years.

16) With which Oscar winning actress did Robbie Williams have a Christmas number one in 2001? (Clue: think Australian)

17) How does Good King Wenceslas like his pizzas? (Clue: think Christmas cracker joke)

18) Which is the first ghost to approach Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”?

19) How many geese are there in “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?

20) When is the Feast of Stephen? (Clue: think after Christmas Day)

21) In Iceland on Christmas Eve, TV transmission used to stop to allow families to concentrate on opening presents, eating dinner and listening to carols on the radio. How long did Icelanders have to go without TV that day?

22) Name Santa’s eight reindeer – that’s minus Rudolph of course. One point for every two correct answers.

23) Name either of the male stars of the classic film “The Bishop’s Wife”. (Clue: think suave and sophisticated)

24) He’s an angel yet to earn his wings in the Jimmy Stewart classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”. What’s his name?

25) What tree in all the woods wears the crown?


1) Answer: “Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem

2) Answer: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

3) Answer: Umble Pie – although you get a point for Humble Pie too (Info: it’s a corruption of numble pie from the French word nomble – and the expression “to eat humble pie” refers to this. Bonus points for any amusing answers.)

4) Answer: New York (Bonus point for: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

5) Answer: Sir Winston Churchill (WWII)

6) Answer: 1834 (by Dr Joel R. Poinsette of South Carolina)

7) Answer: The Christmas cracker (1847)

8) Answer: £78 million

9) Answer: 1952

10) Answer: 1992 (the year of the fire at Windsor Castle and various family splits)

11) Answer: Father Christmas (early accounts of Father Christmas include a Dark Helper)

12) Answer: The Brussels sprout

13) Answer: Felix Mendelssohn

14) Answer: 1984

15) Answer: The Nineties (A bonus point for 1996, 1997 and 1998)

16) Answer: Nicole Kidman (she and Robbie sang “Somethin’ Stupid”)

17) Answer: Deep pan, crisp and even!!!!

18) Answer: Jacob Marley

19) Answer: 6

20) Answer: December 26th or Boxing Day

21) Answer: 5 hours (5pm to 10pm)

22) Answer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner & Blitzen

23) Answer: Cary Grant or David Niven

24) Answer: Clarence

25) Answer: Holly

Children’s Quiz – Courtesy of Ed Elf’s Grotto

1) How many gold rings are there in the 12 Days of Christmas?

2) How many times does Father Christmas check his naughty and nice list?

3) One foggy Christmas Eve, who did Father Christmas ask for help?

4) What do Santa’s reindeer like to eat along with their oats on Christmas Eve?

A) Turnips   B) Carrots   C) Cabbage

5) Father Christmas is also known as Santa Claus. But what is his Saint name?

6) In which square do they put London’s massive Christmas tree every year?

7) The poorly little boy who Scrooge helps to get better in “A Christmas Carol” is called Tiny what?

8) True or false: a character called Mr. Blobby once had a Christmas number one hit single?

9) What green plant with white berries is the kissing plant?

10) The bible doesn’t say how many wise men visited baby Jesus. But in most Nativity plays how many wise men are there?

11) Try to name the gifts the wise men gave to baby Jesus (one point for each correct answer).

12) What is the name of the “Good King” in the Christmas carol about a king and his page walking in deep snow on the Feast of Stephen?

13) Name the two birds most popular for Christmas dinner in the UK.

14) What is the title of the famous Christmas ballet in which toys come to life?

15) True or false: Widow Twankey is a character in the pantomime Cinderella?

16) What pies are most traditionally eaten at Christmas in the UK?

A) Apple   B) Steak & kidney   C) Mince

17) In “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, Charlie is helped to feel festive by his friends and his pet dog. What is the dog’s name?

18) And who plays Bob Cratchitt in the film “Muppets Christmas Carol”?

That’s 18 questions with a possible total of 20 points. How did you do?


1) Five; 2) Twice; 3) Rudolph; 4) B – Carrots; 5) Nicholas; 6) Trafalgar; 7) Tim; 8) True; 9) Mistletoe; 10) Three; 11) Gold, frankincense & myrrh (a point each for correct answer); 12) Wenceslas; 13) Turkey and Goose; 14) The Nutcracker; 15) False: Widow Twankey is in Aladdin; 16) C – Mince; 17) Snoopy; 18) Kermit the Frog

Beat-the-Bell Round

Grotto quiz 140713630If you have enough players at a Christmas gathering to split into teams, you might want to introduce a Beat-the-Bell Round to complement the more formal part of the quiz – and to basically spice things up. Trust us, it will get competitive.

Guests can be paired up or gather in teams of three or four. You will need an eagle-eyed questioner. Each team will need a Christmas bell that must be set in front of them on a table, the floor etc. Sleigh bells are perfect and inexpensive.

Collate some quick-fire questions. Christmas-related questions are good but not essential. It’s more important to make them easy. That way, you’ll have all the teams lunging for their bell at the same time and the mayhem will ensue. First to ring their bell gets to answer. If they hesitate, they are docked a point and the question is passed over to the other teams. The questioner needs to keep track of the fastest bell-ringers and the scores.


Here are some basic festive questions to start you off:

1) What colour is Rudolph’s nose?     A) Red

2) Name a pantomime starting with C.      A) Cinderella

3) What’s Father Christmas called in the USA?     A) Santa Claus

4) Who sang “Merry Xmas Everybody”?     A) Slade

5) December 26th is better known as what?     A) Boxing Day

6) Where is the Christmas partridge?     A) In a Pear Tree

7) What is Scrooge’s first name?      A) Ebenezer

8) You would kiss under what at Christmas?     A) Mistletoe

9) Who famously sang “White Christmas”?     A) Bing Crosby

10) Deck the halls with what?     A) Boughs of holly

And here are some basic general knowledge questions:

1) What is the capital of Ireland?     A) Dublin

2) Wallace’s super sidekick is who?      A) Gromit

3) Musical “Mamma Mia” is built on whose songs?     A) ABBA’s

4) Daniel Radcliffe played this famous wizard.     A) Harry Potter

5) Which pink animal sleeps on one leg?     A) Flamingo

6) Lufthansa is an airline from which country?     A) Germany

7) Which detective has Snowy the dog?     A) Tin Tin

8) JR Ewing featured in which TV programme?     A) Dallas

9) In cockney rhyming slang, a ‘tea leaf’ is what?     A) A Thief

10) Where were the 2014 Winter Olympics?     A) Sochi in Russia