Christmas birthdays can easily be lost amid the wider Yuletide celebrations – but don’t have to be. How to Christmas is here to help you create new birthday traditions for those born at Christmastime.


If you are planning a birthday for someone else, here are some Elf Helpers. If the birthday’s yours, drop a few of these hints:

Whatever your Christmas colour scheme, in terms of gift-wrapping, garlands and candles, make sure the birthday colour scheme is very different. No Christmas paper – that’s essential.

birthdays_109060697Make sure there are separate gifts for birthdays_109060697Christmas and birthday. Don’t go down the route of “I’ve spent a bit more on this gift for you so it will have to do for Christmas and your birthday.”

Buy gifts of significance for each occasion. Older children, in particular, will be puzzled by a major Christmas gift accompanied only by a small token of a birthday present.

Maintain consistency. If you spend a certain amount of money on birthday gifts for family and friends throughout the year, don’t suddenly cut back on your spending just because someone else close to you is unfortunate enough to have a birthday at Christmas.

Choose a day, one week before or one week after Christmas, and have a birthday dinner or party, making sure there is an absence of Christmas food on the menu.

candles birthday_39529978

Give people plenty of warning for the birthday bash because the potential guests are sure to have many Christmas commitments.

Don’t forget the birthday cake and candles and the singing of “Happy birthday”. If this is on Christmas Day itself, make sure the cake ceremony is well removed from Christmas dinner and Christmas gift opening.

Gauge each personality and be aware of each individual’s wishes, then deal with the combination of occasions accordingly. Some people might love their Christmas birthdays and enjoy receiving birthdays_109060697birthdays_109060697double amounts of Christmassy presents.

For children (maybe some big kids as well), put a small artificial tree in their room and decorate it with lights in their favourite colour and cardboard letters spelling out their name. No Christmas decorations, though. Remember, this is the birthday tree. Lay birthday gifts beneath it.

Book a weekend trip away for some time in the New Year and put details, such as brochures, postcards, tickets, website print-outs, in a card, box or bag as part of the gift giving process. Make it clear in your note that this is a special birthday trip – with perhaps a special birthday meal – and will all be about the recipient’s likes and loves.

Celebrate a half-birthday in summer. Children will like that. Heck, who are we kidding? We know many an adult who’ll love that too.