How to Christmas is not a cooking site per se, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have favourite recipes and delicious treats to share with you – as well as etiquette rules you may wish to observe and protocol that may serve you well when it comes to accommodating guests. You may also wish to embrace our ideas for celebrating a Christmas birthday and inviting in a wonderful New Year. If you face difficulties this Christmas, maybe our ‘coping’ section might help.

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ACCOMMODATING GUESTS: How to make your visitors feel extra welcome this festive season – Click Here

CHRISTMAS BIRTHDAYS: Useful tips on how to make a Christmas birthday an outstanding occasion – Click Here

COCKTAILS & CANAPES: From the history of the cocktail to a selection of ideas for hosting a cocktail party full of tasty treats and delicious drinks – Click Here

COPING WITH CHRISTMAS: Suggestions on dealing with tricky relatives, keeping out of financial difficulty and handling bereavement in the supposedly festive period – Click Here

food strawberry tree_165138392FOOD & DRINK: Basic recipes to help you cook succulent turkey and mouthwatering mince pies, plus some festive food with a twist. We have dinner party help and some fun rules of etiquette you may wish to follow – Click Here

NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS: Whether or not you love New Year there are ideas here for everyone to ponder, plus an international taster – Click Here

PARLOUR GAMES: Christmas is traditionally a time for games. Put the computer variety to one side and try some of the old-fashioned kind – Click Here