There are many memorable UK Christmas number one singles. They tickle our senses and catapult us back into a festive time and place. But how many UK Christmas number one albums can we recall?

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The cold truth is that although a chart-topping album is good news for the artist and record company – after all Christmas sales considerably boost the coffers – it has simply not been afforded the same prestige as a Christmas number one single. Maybe the changing way music is sought and bought is altering this somewhat. Regardless, performers who have not hit the ultimate heights in the Christmas singles chart have made their festive presence felt in the album charts – including Elton John, Madonna, Rod Stewart and Take That.

Soundtracks dominated the early charts, The Beatles ruled the sixties, while compilations were trending in the eighties. However, from January 14, 1989, compilation albums were no longer included in the UK album charts. Let’s be honest, it was dull seeing record companies, rather than performers, going head-to-head with thrown-together collections.

The Beatles have had seven No.1 albums at Christmas, Robbie Williams has had four (he was also part of Take That’s “Progress” album) and Take That have had three – all in their second incarnation. Interestingly, only two Christmas albums have reached the top of the UK album charts at Christmas – one was a compilation in 1985 and the other was from Michael Buble in 2011. That was a remarkable 55-year wait for a solo artist or group to have an album full of Christmas songs sit at number one on Christmas Day. Sir Rod Stewart, aged 74, became the oldest male solo artist to have a number one album in the UK with his 2019 Christmas chart-topper…only to have that record taken from him in 2020 by another Sir, 78-year-old Paul McCartney.

1956 – Original Soundtrack

1957 – Original Soundtrack

1958 – Original Soundtrack

1959 – Original Soundtrack

1960 – Original Soundtrack

1961 – George Mitchell Minstrels

1962 – George Mitchell Minstrels

1963 – The Beatles

1964 – The Beatles

1965 – The Beatles

1966 – Original Soundtrack

1967 – The Beatles

1968 – The Beatles

1969 – The Beatles

1970 – Andy Williams

1971 – T. Rex

1972 – Various Artists

1973 – Elton John

1974 – Elton John

1975 – Queen

1976 – Glen Campbell

1977 – Various Artists

1978 – Original Soundtrack

1979 – Rod Stewart

1980 – ABBA

1981 – ABBA

1982 – John Lennon

1983 – Various Artists

1984 – Various Artists

1985 – Various Artists

1986 – Various Artists

1987 – Various Artists

1988 – Cliff Richard

1989 – Phil Collins

1990 – Madonna

1991 – Queen

1992 – Cher

1993 – Meat Loaf

1994 – The Beautiful South

1995 – Robson & Jerome

1996 – Spice Girls

1997 – Celine Dion

1998 – George Michael

1999 – Shania Twain

2000 – The Beatles

2001 – Robbie Williams

2002 – Robbie Williams

2003 – Dido

2004 – Robbie Williams

2005 – Eminem

2006 – Take That

2007 – Leona Lewis

2008 – Take That

2009 – Susan Boyle

2010 – Take That

2011 – Michael Buble

2012 – Emeli Sande

2013 – Robbie Williams

2014 – Ed Sheeran

2015 – Adele

2016 – Michael Ball & Alfie Boe

2017 – Eminem

2018 – Original Soundtrack

2019 – Sir Rod Stewart

2020 – Sir Paul McCartney

2021 – Adele

“The King and I”

“The King and I”

“South Pacific”

“South Pacific”

“South Pacific”

“Another Black and White Minstrel Show”

“The Black and White Minstrels”

“With The Beatles”

“Beatles For Sale”

“Rubber Soul”

“The Sound of Music”

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

“The Beatles”

“Abbey Road”

“Andy Williams’ Greatest Hits”

“Electric Warrior”

“20 All Time Hits of the 50’s”

“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

“Elton John’s Greatest Hits”

“A Night at the Opera”

“Glen Campbell’s Twenty Golden Greats”

“Disco Fever”

“Grease: The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture”

“Greatest Hits, Vol. 1”

“Super Trouper”

“The Visitors”

“The John Lennon Collection”

“Now That’s What I Call Music”

“Hits 1”

“Now – The Christmas Album”

“Now That’s What I Call Music 8”

“Now That’s What I Call Music 10”

“Private Collection: 1979-1988”

“…But Seriously”

“The Immaculate Collection”

“Greatest Hits II”

“Greatest Hits: 1965-1992”

“Bat out of Hell II: Back Into Hell”

“Carry On up the Charts”

“Robson & Jerome”


“Let’s Talk About Love”

“Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael”

“Come On Over”


“Sing When You’re Winning”


“Life for Rent”

“Greatest Hits”

“Curtain Call: The Hits”

“Beautiful World”


“The Circus”

“I Dreamed a Dream”



“Our Version of Events”

“Swings Both Ways”





“The Greatest Show”

“You’re in My Heart”

“McCartney III”