What would Christmas be without a soundtrack to the season? What would Christmas be without a cinematic backdrop to make us laugh, cry and remember the true meaning of the yuletide festivities? Our Music & Movies section helps you discover all this and more.

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Want to know all the Christmas number one singles and albums in the UK through history? We have them – along with a few of the songs that didn’t quite make the grade. We also recommend music and movies you should have in your collections and point you towards classic, made-for-TV films as well. And if you like a good sing-a-long, you will find lyrics to more than 75 carols and popular Christmas tunes to ensure you never deliver a duff word again.

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POP, SOUL, JAZZ & LEGENDS: must-have music from modern day pop and latter day icons – Click Here

POPULAR CAROLS & COLLECTIONS: the essential 50 carols and thoughts on some must-own collections – Click Here

CAROLS: HISTORY & LYRICS: the creators of and stories behind the most loved carols, accompanied by lyrics for more than 50 festive works – Click Here

CLASSICAL CHRISTMAS MUSIC: suggestions for your collection, from famous opera names to celebrated choirs – Click Here

MUSIC FROM FILMS & MUSICALS: the soundtracks to our festive lives, with the odd curve ball thrown in for surprise – Click Here

PLAYLIST TIPS: ideas to get your Christmas genres sorted in time for the holiday season – Click Here

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