Reading storybooks opens a child’s imagination in a precious way. It introduces them to new worlds, to feats of heroism to admire, to despicable behaviour to avoid, to characters that might just become true and trusted friends.

In this age of hand-held gadgets and seemingly endless new technology, we at How to Christmas very much back the book. But as a website we rely on that technology to get our message across, so clearly support this medium as well.

We have our own original stories for children on this very site, by way of introducing  the fun of reading to youngsters. For now we have them in easily readable, easily printable formats. Our message is that it doesn’t matter how children view storybooks, be it old or new formats, as long as they read, learn and open their minds. It’s a gift for life.

We hope you and your loved ones enjoy discovering the antics of Rufus the Barking Reindeer, Clueless Lukas, Ed Elf and Snowy Hare, as well as delving into Santa’s letter bag. Just visit Our Original Stories under Books & Poetry.

Promoting child literacy is also a major part of the wonderful work done by the Wood Street Mission charity in Manchester ( Why not support their book drive – or a similar project in an area near you. Let’s spread the word in more ways than one and get our kids reading.