Stuck for gift ideas with a novel twist? Then try our collection of movie gift boxes. Each is inspired by a popular film and contains items linked to that particular movie. You can take our suggestions or go with your own variations on a theme.

Movies PopcornThe Grinch

Start with a lime green box. First, insert a notecard that states you have downloaded copies of Jim Carrey’s “The Grinch” and the classic animation “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” narrated by Boris Karloff to watch together. Purchase a hardback copy of the book of the same name. You can buy a wide range of Grinch goods online, but we recommend you include a tree decoration of the Grinch himself. We bought our ornament from a US stockist through eBay. Put bright green jellybeans in a clear plastic bag and tie with red ribbon – failing that a box of green Tic Tacs would suffice. Add red & white striped candy canes – as if straight out of the Grinch’s hometown of Whoville. Pack with liberal amounts of red tissue paper.


Book: “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

Tree Decoration: Grinch figure

Green jellybeans

Candy cane

Green box, red tissue, red ribbon


Movies PopcornIt’s A Wonderful Life

Make sure the box you use is large enough for a bottle of Italian red wine – this clearly being a gift for grown-ups. Add cheese-crusted breadsticks, possibly from Carluccio’s, and a bar of Lindt chocolate containing rock salt. This is a nod to the scene in which Donna Reed’s character Mary Bailey hands Italian friends the Martinis wine, bread and salt as they take ownership of their new house. Bread so the house will never know hunger, salt so life may always have flavour and wine so joy and prosperity may reign forever. Buy a simple silver bell ornament and a pair of angel wings for hanging from a Christmas tree – honouring Clarence and the line that every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings. Wrap the box in brown paper and tie with string (an homage to absent-minded Uncle Billy) and attach a luggage label gift tag. James Stewart’s character George Bailey had the luggage, just not the travel adventure he craved. Pack with silver tissue paper.


Italian red wine

Quality breadsticks

Chocolate with sea salt

Silver bell ornament

Tree decoration: Angel wings

Box, brown paper, string, luggage label


Movies PopcornHome Alone

Two films deliver inspiration for this gift box: “Home Alone” and “Home Alone II: Lost in New York”. In the first, young Macaulay Culkin flees a local store without paying for a toothbrush. In the second, he donates money he’d usually spend on “stuff that’ll rot my teeth and my mind.” So, include a toothbrush and a large bag of sweets in the box. John Candy appears in “Home Alone”, making candy canes a must to honour the comedy giant. Culkin’s character Kevin McCallister is given tree decorations of two turtledoves by the toyshop owner in “Home Alone II”, told to keep one and give the other to someone special to show they’ll be friends forever. Purchase a similar decoration for inclusion. Add a New York mug and a 3D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty. Wrap in Cavallini New York wrapping paper. Copy the blue house silhouette from the DVD sleeve to make a gift tag out of card. Pack with fake snow.



Bag of sweets

Candy canes

Turtledoves decoration

“I Love NY” mug

3D Statue of Liberty puzzle

Box, New York paper, polystyrene snow, tag


Movies PopcornThe Muppet Christmas Carol

There’s nowhere else to start but with Kermit the Frog. The Disney Store has small, soft toy versions of the film’s star Muppet. Include a vibrant red scarf to mark the gift given by Beaker to Michael Caine’s Scrooge once the miser has finally seen the Christmas light. For an adult, add some quality, non-pungent cheese and crackers in honour of the film’s cute mice – “No crust of bread for those in need, no cheeses for us meeses!” For children, include instead a pack of chocolate or sugared mice. Complete the box with a small wreath decoration to hang from the tree – a mini version of the one Scrooge throws at the carol-singing bunny.



Kermit the Frog soft toy

Red scarf

Quality cheese and crackers (adult’s box)

Sugared mice (children’s box)

Tree decoration: a small wreath

Black box, red ribbon, tag & tissue paper


Movies PopcornNativity!

Martin Freeman’s comedy film “Nativity!” is the starting point. Find a Nativity set perfect for the recipient. There are robust and colourful sets that will appeal to children and more fragile, ornate sets more suitable for adults. Hollywood comes to Coventry for the climax of the film. A star decoration worthy of the Hollywood walk of fame should, therefore, be included – along with a CD that features a rendition of the beautiful “Coventry Carol”. Mr. Poppy is the quirky hero of the piece, so include a gift with a poppy motif – perhaps an Oriental poppy silk scarf from for a woman or a mini bottle of Poppy vodka from for a man/woman.


Nativity set

CD of Christmas music including “Coventry Carol”

Tree decoration: a star fit for Hollywood’s walk of fame

Gift with a poppy motif: scarf or miniature vodka


Movies PopcornThe Santa Clause

There are several films in “The Santa Clause” collection – but we suggest sticking to just the original and the best. Scott Calvin’s son Charlie is given a magical snow globe to keep tabs on the new Santa – his Dad. Select a beautiful snow globe to include in the gift box, perhaps even a musical one that plays “Here Comes Santa Claus” or “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”. Add a tree decoration in the guise of jolly old Santa and some delicious drinking chocolate from Charbonnel et Walker. Hot chocolate was served to the new Santa Scott on his first visit to the North Pole. Throw in a packet of mini marshmallows with which to top each mug of chocolate. Put all the gifts in a red box and tie with a white pom-pom garland. Attach a Santa gift tag.


Snow globe

Tree decoration: Santa figure

Quality hot chocolate

Packet of mini marshmallows

Red box, white pom-pom garland and Santa tag


Movies PopcornBlack & White Delight

There is no particular festive film to give us our theme here, but rather the black & white movie genre as a whole. That means you can use one or all of the following Christmas films for inspiration: “Miracle on 34th Street”, “The Bishop’s Wife” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Consider a classic Scrooge movie, too. Keep the black & white theme going with delicious Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc wine and Charbonnel et Walker Milk Marc de Champagne truffles – and an ornate tree decoration to match. For men, search out silver movie camera cufflinks and a clapperboard key ring (both available on eBay and Amazon). For women, include a net-a-porter gift card in its own little black box. Consider adding items from The White Company, like fragrant Winter candles.


White wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Champagne truffles in a white box

Tree decoration: black & white bauble

Movie camera cufflinks & clapperboard key ring/net-a-porter gift card

White box, black ribbon, black & white tag, white tissue paper