Hi Kids. I’m Ed and I’ll be your guide through this grotto of delights.

Ed might be my name, Elf might be my nature and together that might make me Ed Elf…but I have to confess I’m not the Head Elf. I just sound like I am.

Mrs. C, who is in charge of us all at How to Christmas, knows I can be cheeky…even naughty. But there’s no mistaking, kids, that I’m pretty darn cute. And that cuts me a lot of slack with the boss.

It got me this gig, for starters.

My very own grotto. Ma and Pa are so proud.

It’s a fun and magical place for browsing and learning.

So what do I have in store?

If fun and games float your boat, I’ve got ‘em.

If you want things to make and do, I’ve got ‘em.

If carols and songs are more your tune, I’ve got ‘em.

If cartoons and movies are your life, I’ve got ‘em.

If stories kick-start your bedtimes, I’ve got ‘em.

If toys make your heart skip a beat, I’ve got ‘em.

If you want contact details for Santa, I’ve got ‘em.

If cracker jokes fly your kite, I’ve got ‘em.

If you like quizzes and Christmas apps, I’ve got ‘em.

Yes my friends, Ed’s Christmas Grotto has all this and more.

I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna get along just great.