How about a quiz? We all like a quiz. Not an exam, of course, just a fun, trivia-type thing. The answers are at the bottom of the questions. edelfThis is your friend Ed Elf imploring you: please try not to cheat!

1) How many gold rings are there in “The 12 Days of Christmas”?

2) How many times does Father Christmas check his naughty and nice list?

3) One foggy Christmas Eve, who did Father Christmas ask for help?

4) What do Santa’s reindeer like to eat along with their oats on Christmas Eve?

A) Turnips   B) Carrots   C) Cabbage

5) Father Christmas is also known as Santa Claus. But what is his Saint name?

6) In which square do they put London’s massive Christmas tree every year?

7) The poorly little boy who Scrooge helps to get better in “A Christmas Carol” is called Tiny what?

8) True or false: a character called Mr. Blobby once had a Christmas number one hit single?

9) What green plant with white berries is the kissing plant?

10) The bible doesn’t say how many wise men visited baby Jesus. But in most Nativity plays how many wise men are there?

11) The gifts the wise men gave to baby Jesus were gold, myrrh and what else?

12) What is the name of the “Good King” in the Christmas carol about a king and his page walking in deep snow on the Feast of Stephen?

13) Name the two birds most popular for Christmas dinner in the UK.

14) What is the title of the famous Christmas ballet in which toys come to life?

15) True or false: Widow Twankey is a character in the pantomime Cinderella?

16) What pies are most traditionally eaten at Christmas in the UK?

A) Apple   B) Steak & kidney   C) Mince

17) In “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, Charlie is helped to feel festive by his friends and his pet dog. What is the dog’s name?

18) Who plays Bob Cratchitt in the film “Muppets Christmas Carol”?

19) What colour is the Grinch?

20) You use a special calendar to mark what part of the Christmas build-up?

Ok – that’s 20 questions with a possible total of 20 points. How did you do?



1) Five; 2) Twice; 3) Rudolph; 4) B – Carrots; 5) Nicholas; 6) Trafalgar; 7) Tim; 8) True; 9) Mistletoe; 10) Three; 11) Frankincense; 12) Wenceslas; 13) Turkey and Goose; 14) The Nutcracker; 15) False: Widow Twankey is in Aladdin; 16) C – Mince; 17) Snoopy; 18) Kermit the Frog; 19) Green; 20) Advent.

Did I hear someone say they got most of them right? Boy, you must love Christmas as much as I do.