Christmas is the most magical time of the year. But it wouldn’t be quite so fantastical without children. Their unquestioning belief in this season makes Christmas. Without their childlike wonder, there would be no Christmas.

Our resident elf knows that all too well. His name is Ed and he created his grotto for the Printchildren of the world to share. Here you will find a brilliant bundle of things to make and do, to sing and read, to discover and recite, to learn and embrace. Happy Christmas everyone!

CAROLS & SONGS: child-friendly tunes and lyrics for that festive sing-a-long – Click Here

CARTOONS & MOVIES: Ed Elf knows his animations like the back of his hand – and his movie selection spells festive fun too – Click Here

CHRISTINGLE: find out how this treasured children’s service came to be – and how a humble orange took centre stage – Click Here

CHRISTMAS APPS: tablets, smart phones or computers at the ready for some hi-tech fun – Click Here

CHRISTMAS QUIZ: find out who knows most about this most magical time of the year…apart from Ed, of course – Click Here

rudolph 120206470CRACKER JOKES: a whole list of corny and chuckle-some jokes to test out on your pals – Click Here

FUN & GAMES: suggestions for some old-fashioned fun with an array of party game suggestions and explanations – Click Here

LETTERS TO SANTA: the addresses you need for the answers you want- Click Here

STORYBOOKS: bedtime reading never looked so good – Click Here

THINGS TO DO: filling the school holidays with pleasurable pastimes – Click Here

THINGS TO MAKE: there’s no excuse for kids being bored in the build up to Christmas and beyond with this great selection of ‘makes’ – Click Here

TOP 100 TOYS IN HISTORY: Ed’s choice – will you all agree? Check out his classic selection – Click Here