Flowers outdoor baubles 114742819A Day To:

Book carol concerts, Christmas shows, school Nativity plays and pantomimes.

Start arranging Christmas gatherings with family and friends – dinners, parties, drinks, visits and staying over – and consider babysitting plans.

Find an electrician to install additional sockets, indoors or out, where you have always wanted festive lights. Check the lights you already own still work.

Book a professional oven cleaning.

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“Scrooged” (1988): starring Bill Murray and Karen Allen. A modern twist on the classic Charles Dickens’ tale “A Christmas Carol”, with Bill Murray cast in the role of Scrooge – or in this case the ruthless TV network executive Frank Cross. His career drive cost him his true love Claire, played by Allen, and now he is cynical, cold and heartless. But visiting spirits believe he is not beyond redemption and, unlike Ebenezer, he still has a chance with his lost love. Frank unravels to the backdrop of his network’s live Christmas Eve broadcast of “A Christmas Carol”. Robert Mitchum, John Forsyth and Carol Kane are among a winning supporting cast. Four years earlier, Murray had starred in the blockbuster hit “Ghostbusters”. This led to “Scrooged” being marketed with the tagline: “Bill Murray is back among the ghosts, only this time it’s three against one.” (Movie Magic: Carol Kane’s Ghost of Christmas Present packs one heck of a punch and takes great glee in proving it time and again to curmudgeonly bully Frank Cross.)


“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.”

Calvin Coolidge, (1872-1933), 30th US President

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“All Bells in Paradise” by the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge;

“Christmas Lights” by Coldplay. 


Did you know…postmen in Victorian Britain wore red uniforms and were nicknamed robins? It has been a widely held belief that the robin pictures on Christmas cards are paying homage to the men who deliver them. However, robins have long had connections with winter and certain religious beliefs so would have traditionally featured on cards, regardless of the postmen link. Some cards in the Victorian era even featured dead robins. Thankfully, that kind of macabre greeting was eventually put to rest.

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The Day in Detail:

Mrs. C says: You may have been wonderfully organised and already booked and bought tickets for some festive spectacular. For certain big time shows, booking early is key.

Ed Elf: Top marks if you have. You’ll have Christmas licked if you carry on like that.

Mrs. C: If not, now is the time to check out the local theatres and concert halls to discover where and when you might catch a Christmas show to keep your seasonal spirit surging. You can find information online or in local newspapers and magazines. We point out certain events on our news update page and our Events as Gifts page – but we can only hope to scratch the surface of all the festive happenings. Whatever your taste in entertainment, there’ll be something out there for you. So what will it be? A simple but beautiful carol concert; a classical evening with Handel’s “Messiah”; that touring version of “White Christmas” or “Scrooge” or a pantomime in town with a favourite soap star?

Ed Elf: From the telly? Like “Emmerdale” or something?  No way. “Emmerdale” is my absolute favourite.

Mrs. C: Now be certain not to overlook the smaller establishments in your area. Local theatre groups will offer their own brand of Christmas fayre. Their pantos logomay have less gloss, without a reality TV star in sight, but can be all the more appealing for that. A children’s Nativity show at a local church may be every bit as moving as a sweeping Christmas symphony at the Royal Albert Hall. You decide: what will best cater to you and your family or friends. And bear in mind, you can watch many a festive offering through to early January. I once watched the excellent play “Flint Street Nativity” in early January and it kept up my Christmas spirit.

Why not sign up for email prompts from a variety of local venues to alert you to coming attractions. That will serve a useful purpose all-year round. It’s also a good time to scour the computer for movie trailers to see what films are due out over the holiday season. America usually delivers something Christmassy each year. Just do a Google search or check out our recommendations (Click Here for our Movie Releases page). Also note, Sky Christmas channel is available from early November if you’re a Sky TV customer. It’s full of films suitable for the season.

Ed Elf: There’s been nothing to surpass “Elf”, if you ask me.

Mrs. C: Now to the Candy canes 118310902question of electricity: more to the point, stocking up on sockets. Have you wanted to do something more elaborate with your Christmas lights for some time and not had the necessary power sockets to achieve your dazzling goal? Why not search out a local electrician today who can help illuminate your way to lighting heaven. That said, bear in mind you can use battery-powered lights outside now if you prefer (our Outdoor Lights page has more details). While you’re thinking about illumination, it might be worth checking the lights you already own for inside and out still work.

Ed Elf: You said lighting heaven…that’ll take an awful lot of lights Mrs. C. (Mrs. C gives him a disapproving look.)

Mrs. C: Now while you’re at it, how about shedding some light on the Christmas gatherings you hope to enjoy in the coming weeks. It’s never too early to start planning for such occasions. And in the first instance, you need to establish who will be hosting what and where? Start contacting people, negotiate some dates and put a reminder in your calendar for later this month (say some time from November 21st to 26th) to firm things up. At this juncture, it’s not a bad idea to think about babysitters, too. Our experience tells us it is never too soon to book your best sitter to avoid the Christmas rush.

Ed Elf: And what’s this oven thing? You like a good clean, don’t you?

Mrs. C: Indeed I do. I recommend checking your oven. Is it in need of a good scouring? You can always book a professional job from a selection of companies online. From around £60 these cleaning professionals can bring your oven up a treat. Why not book an appointment today. Don’t risk being smoked-out over the holiday season.

Conifer and berries 64686097So today’s the day to:

  • Check your local theatres and concert halls for Christmas shows, carol concerts and Nativity plays – secure tickets for your chosen events.
  • Check online (including our Movie Releases page) for film information and trailers pertaining to Christmas releases.
  • Secure the services of an electrician if you plan to expand your Christmas lights displays indoors and/or out. Check the lights you already own still work.
  • Start thinking about and planning your Christmas gatherings and consider who might host what.
  • Consider booking babysitters to avoid the Christmas clamour for the most trusted ones in your sphere.
  • Book a professional oven cleaning if your appliance is in need of a scouring.