cards 20416420A Day To:

Write the rest of your Christmas cards.

Get across the late-night shopping times.

(Scroll down for the day in detail)


“Home Alone” (1990): Starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Macaulay Culkin plays eight-year-old Kevin McCallister, who is mistakenly left to fend for himself and fight off burglars when his family fly to Paris for a Christmas holiday. It’s a festive comedy classic in which the hapless robbers, Harry and Marv, learn the harsh way: you don’t cross kids at Christmas. This is one of the highest grossing comedy films of all-time. (Movie Magic: John Candy tries to reassure Kevin’s mother that her son will be fine by telling the story of the young son he left alone all day with a corpse in a funeral home. “After six-seven weeks, he came around, started talking again….kids are resilient like that.” Apparently, Candy improvised the scene.)


“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.” 

Washington Irving (1783-1859), American author


The album “Jingle Wells: Christmas Music from Wells Cathedral”;

Favourites from “The Nat King Cole Christmas Album”;

“Fantasia on Christmas Carols” by Ralph Vaughan Williams.


Did you know…The original form of the spiced liquor Glögi, otherwise known as mulled wine or Glühwein, was used to revive messengers and postmen who travelled on horseback or skis in cold weather in Nordic countries?

The Day in Detail:

Mrs. C:  Four weeks tomorrow it’s Christmas, everyone. Is the excitement building in your house? It certainly is here. It’s about a week since we suggested you start writing your Christmas cards, if you’ve gone by our How to Christmas calendar. Today’s the day to complete the job – remembering always to pen unique and sincere messages of love and goodwill. cards near tree_99825776

Ed Elf: I might need to dig out the Thesauraus, Mrs. C. I’m finding there are only so many alternatives in my small head for “Merry Christmas!”

Mrs. C: No. You can keep that bit the same – just the “best wishes”,  “hope you are well”, “lots of love” bits you can change and embellish. (Ed looks clueless). I give up. Anyway, we will be making a note today of the late-night Christmas opening and closing times for local supermarkets, high street shops and shopping malls. It’s worth reiterating: it is now exactly FOUR WEEKS to Christmas.

Conifer and berries 64686097So today’s the day to:

  • If you haven’t already, complete writing your Christmas cards with considered, thoughtful messages.
  • Note late-night opening times for your local shops and malls.