pets puppy dog with gift_22554607A Day To:

Prepare to make a Christmas birthday an event of significance.

Arrange pet care.

(Scroll down for the day in detail)


“The Apartment” (1960): starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. This comedy-drama was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won five, including Best Picture. A significant slice of this black and white Billy Wilder classic is set at Christmas, but there is little to feel festive about as Shirley MacLaine’s elevator operator Fran Kubelik becomes desperate in the apartment occupied by Jack Lemmon’s wonderfully portrayed Calvin ‘Bud’ Baxter. Her boss Jeff Sheldrake insists he loves Fran, but heads home to his wife and family in the suburbs for Christmas. Baxter has loaned out his apartment to executives in his company for their illicit liaisons so he can climb the corporate ladder. But enough is enough – especially where his true love is concerned. This is watchable any time of the year, but is even more thought-provoking at Christmas. A magnificent film. (Movie Magic: “Shut up and deal!”)

If you want to view something a little lighter…

“Prancer” (1989): starring Sam Elliott and Cloris Leachman. An American family film in which eight-year-old Jessica, who loves everything about Christmas, is convinced she has found one of Santa’s reindeer in woods near her house and concludes, after the third reindeer in line on a street decoration in town has fallen off, that it has to be Prancer. But can she protect him and reunite him with his reindeer friends before Christmas? (Movie Magic: Hoof prints in the snow and that final Christmas-affirming scene at Antler’s Ridge.)


“My thoughts are drawn back, by a fascination which I do not care to resist, to my own childhood. I begin to consider, what do we all remember best upon the branches of the Christmas Tree of our own young Christmas days, by which we climbed to real life.”

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)


“Coventry Carol” by St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir;

“De Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy” by Cwmbach Male Choir;

“It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted)” by Roxette.


Did you know…the first Christmas Day speech to the Commonwealth by a King or Queen was in 1932? It was delivered by the Queen’s grandfather King George V, with words supplied by author Rudyard Kipling. The Queen’s first Christmas Day message was in 1952.

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The Day in Detail:

Mrs. C says: This is a day to think not only of Christmas preparations, but birthday preparations. Does your birthday fall at Christmas or is that the fate of someone close to you? Oh the misery of forgotten birthdays and one gift for the price of two occasions.

Ed Elf: My birthday is December 23rd and that’s happened to me a lot. Gifts & wrapping box w. lights

Mrs. C: We need to share how to set a new Christmas birthday precedent. How to Christmas has a special page on this topic, but I’ll share some of the team’s words of wisdom with you right now. This is their advice:

“If you are planning for someone else, here are a few pointers. If the birthday’s yours, drop a few of these hints:

  • Whatever your Christmas colour scheme, in terms of gift-wrapping, garlands and candles, make sure the birthday colour scheme is very different. No Christmas paper – that’s essential.
  • Choose a day, one week before or one week after Christmas, and have a birthday dinner or party, making sure there is an absence of Christmas food on the menu.
  • Give people plenty of warning for the birthday bash because the potential guests are sure to have many Christmas commitments (this could, of course, include those that can only join in online).
  • Don’t forget the birthday cake and candles and the singing of “Happy Birthday to You”. If this is on Christmas Day itself, make sure the cake ceremony is well removed from Christmas dinner and Christmas gift opening.
  • Celebrate a half-birthday in summer. Children will like that.”

Good advice, team – and there’s more on our Christmas Birthdays page. Hope it helps.

Ed Elf: Poor Jesus. His birthday always fell on Christmas Day.

Mrs. C: Don’t you feel sorry for me sometimes, dear readers? Moving on swiftly to taking care of other treasured members of our family circle this Christmas – our wonderful pets.

Ed Elf: The furry funsters, the feathery fowls, the barking beauties…you’ve gotta love ’em.

Mrs. C: Those of us with pets know they are an integral part of our lives. Alas, it isn’t always practical to take them with us when we go on our Christmas travels. We may not be on the road quite so much this year, but this is a consideration if we are. Make that call to the kennels or cattery or check with family, friends or neighbours to see if they can volunteer for some pet sitting for the odd day over the holiday period.

Conifer and berries 64686097So today’s the day to:

  • Plan to make a loved one’s birthday over Christmas a special event in its own right.
  • Book your pets in kennels or cattery if you plan – and are allowed – to travel over Christmas and can’t take your animals or arrange pet care with family, friends or neighbours.