A Day To:

Organise your Christmas music.

Keep across major dates and routine appointments, including birthdays and car servicing.

(Scroll down for the day in detail)


“Pottersville” (2017): starring Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, Thomas Lennon, Ron Perlman and Ian McShane. There’s little excitement in the US town of Pottersville. It’s been on a downhill slide since the local mill closed and now Christmas looms large. But maybe an appearance by Bigfoot can change the town’s fortunes….big time! Michael Shannon is serenely superb, while Thomas Lennon’s not-so-intrepid monster-hunting reporter steals the comedic show. This American comedy is staged in the fictitious town of Pottersville, which was the name given to Jimmy Stewart’s nightmare version of his hometown in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’(Movie Magic: The homage cleverly paid to a Christmas classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, especially when the people of the town gather in the shop near film’s end.)

And here’s one for the children…

“Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” (1964): with the voice talents of Burl Ives. Stop-motion Christmas animation for television was born with this adaptation of the popular song. Rudolph first appeared in Robert L. May’s story of 1939 and a hugely successful song followed. In this stop-motion animation, Rudolph and Hermey the Misfit Elf overcome rejection for being different to help Santa Claus make his Christmas Eve deliveries. This is the longest running Christmas special in TV history, having been shown every year in the USA since premiering on American channel NBC on December 6th, 1964. The 50th anniversary of the programme in 2014 was marked by a series of postage stamps featuring Rudolph, issued by the United Postal Service on November 6th, 2014. (TV Magic: The song is legendary, the  depiction of Rudolph here just as much so. This is a TV classic.)


“The holidays are welcome to me partly because they are such rallying points for the affections which get so much thrust aside in the business and preoccupations of daily life.”

George Edward Woodberry (1855-1930), American literary critic and poet


“A Christmas Carol Symphony” by Victor Hely-Hutchinson (Performed by Gavin Sutherland & The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra);

“Christmas Time is Here” by Lauren Daigle;

“The Three Kings” by Voces8.


Did you know…the colour of choice for Father Christmas used to be brown or green? But it is a myth that the 1930s Coca Cola advertisements created the Santa in red we know today. He is depicted in a red costume as early as the Victorian era, including Thomas Nast cartoons of the 1860s and 1870s.

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The Day in Detail:

Mrs. C says: Music plays such an important part at Christmas, probably more than at any other time of the year. It’s evocative and essential. Make a note of Christmas songs missing from your collection and stream or download them. Select some of your favourite non-Christmas party music. Create Christmas playlists for Christmas carols; Christmas party; Christmas dinner music jingle bells sheet_6850525party; Decorating the tree; Christmas classical; Christmas favourites and New Year’s Eve. We have some suggestions on our Playlist Tips page.

Ed Elf: I don’t know about you Mrs. C, but I already feel like rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

Mrs. C: That’s a Brenda Lee song – a pop classic.

Ed Elf: She stole the idea. Rockin’ round the tree’s actually an elf thing.

Mrs. C: It’s important to remember to keep your calendar up-to-date with all the important dates and regular routine events that will be happening throughout the Christmas period: the events that need dovetailing with your festive schedule. Jot down the key essentials and plan to cement those dates from today onwards. Getting appointments secured before the Christmas rush is another practicality out of the way..

It might also be worth stocking up on items for your medicine cabinet. Check the ‘use by’ date on the products you already have and replace what you need to. Must-have items include headache tablets; indigestion remedies; cold and flu powders; plasters; antiseptic cream and a remedy for upset stomachs. If you have repeat prescriptions from Flowers arrangement 2 63623983your doctor, double-check with the GP surgery that you are covered through the Christmas holidays. If you are planning essential car journeys, make sure your vehicle is good to go by purchasing de-icer, travel or foil blankets and a windscreen scraper for your car in case the weather turns hazardous on you over Christmas. How about a snow shovel too?

Ed Elf: I once got a snow shovel for Christmas. It dug me out of a hole or two, I can tell you. One last little reminder from me. Look out now for festive re-runs like “Only Fools and Horses” and “The Royle Family” on Gold or BBC iPlayer, plus Christmas films that are already available in their droves on TV, too.

So today’s the day to:

  • Get your Christmas music in order and create playlists for a variety of festive scenarios.
  • Jot down important and/or routine appointments and prepare to book them in over the next few days and weeks.
  • Stock up on items for your medicine cabinet and throw out medical products that are past their use-by dates, as well as checking any repeat prescriptions pertinent to you or your family are secured through Christmas.
  • Buy de-icer and any winter car products you may need if having to embark on essential travel over Christmas.