mulled wine_116018746A Day To:

Savour Christmas poems and books with a glass of something festive and a warm mince pie – and decide on some other ‘must-read’ material for the holiday period.

(Scroll down for the day in detail)


“One Magic Christmas” (1985): starring Mary Steenburgen and Harry Dean Stanton. Ginny Grainger is a wife and mother devoid of Christmas spirit. She’s even unable to utter the words “Merry Christmas”. With husband Jack out of work and her two youngsters expecting generous gifts from Santa, Ginny is the one to give her family constant reality checks. An angel named Gideon is sent to give her a dose of her own medicine. Jack is involved in a tragic shooting, the children are kidnapped and all is gloomier than ever for miserable Ginny. Christmas is a magical time, however, and she’s about to rediscover that fact with the help of Gideon and an old letter to Santa. This Disney production has elements of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Christmas Carol”. (Movie Magic: The Christmas lights come on again – can that really be Jack walking down the snowy street?)

And as we enter the last week of the build-up to Christmas, it is time to visit Mrs. Brown (naughty language and all)…

“Mrs. Brown’s Boys”, an Irish-British sitcom starring Brendan O’Carroll as the outrageous matriarch, first aired in Britain in 2011 and its Christmas specials quickly became festive fixtures on the BBC: invariably challenging for top spot in the fiercely fought Christmas ratings. Any one episode could satisfy your Christmas comedy craving, but we will kindly draw your attention to the two from 2012 – “Mammy Christmas” and “The Virgin Mammy”. Mrs. Brown is nothing if not a traditionalist so when Father Damien tells her the annual Nativity is off she decides to write her own version. Moreover, she intends to take the lead role – with typically hilarious consequences. These episodes were shown on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day 2012, watched by a combined audience of more than 22 million. (TV Magic: Mrs. Brown’s daughter Cathy has her Mammy believing hidden cameras are filming her every move for a mother of the year competition. Mrs. Brown is suddenly sweetness and light. That’s nice!)


“Christmas time and happy time,

Set the bells to ringing.

Merry time and joyous time,

Love its good gifts bringing.

Bright the way when love shines through,

Short the way when hearts beat true;

Love will make all skies seem blue…

Join the Yule-tide singing.”

Will M. Maupin (1863-1948), Nebraska newspaperman

candles single flame_134113172


 “Lullaby My Jesus” by the Choir of Winchester Cathedral & David Hill;

“Torches” by Lincoln Cathedral Choir;

“Driving Home for Christmas” by Chris Rea.


Did you know…if you received every gift in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” you would have 364 presents in total?

The Day in Detail:

Mrs. C says: With so much achieved already in the build-up to your magical Christmas, we hope at some point today or this evening you can snuggle up on your favourite chair or couch – a soft, warm throw protecting you from the cold – and leaf through some festive poetry and books with a delicious glass in hand. Starting in 2009, and for a number of years thereafter, the Poet Laureate Carol-Ann Duffy published an annual collection of poems in a pamphlet-style book entitled: “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. These bite-size pieces of poetic delight are perfect to accompany a bite-size mince pie or two. I’m also sure to read more ghostly tales from Charles Dickens today and search through my other Christmas books to decide what has to be read in the next couple of weeks. There are certain ‘must-reads’ for me this time of year.

Ed Elf: Interesting to hear that term ‘bite-size’ because a mini mince pie for you is what I might call substantial. Funny that.

So today’s the day to:

  • Indulge in your Christmas poetry books – or explore the genre if you have been resistant in the past. Decide on your other festive reading material.