Mrs. C says: From early December your postal delivery will start to become a little more interesting with the first flurry of envelopes dropping through the letterbox, often adorned with Christmas stamps.

Ed Elf: That clink-clunk of the letterbox…then the ‘thwad’ as the pile of cards drop on the mat. More brightly coloured envelopes than brown ones. Good times.

Mrs C: It’s always a decent practise to have chosen your method for displaying your Christmas cards by that time as the month tends only to become more hectic. It’s lovely to be able to appreciate the cards you receive from the very start. We have come up with a few suggestions, starting with The Special Few.

Ed Elf: I hope I’m one of your special few, Mrs. C.


The Special Few

Treasured cards should be given a stage. Therefore, you may wish to keep a prominent area like a mantelpiece or sideboard for cards from close family and friends or use a small freestanding display holder just for these special greetings. If you would prefer to stand up a small number of cards, you can always place small decorations and greenery around them to give extra stability. Cards that have a tendency to open too much (especially top folded, landscape versions that do the splits) can always be brought under control with a discreetly placed piece of double-sided tape near the fold to limit their gymnastics.

Holding All the Cards

Card holders come in several forms, from freestanding holders to the more popular wall-hangers. Ready-made holders are available from most high street stores and online retailers such as Amazon and John Lewis and Marks & Spencer traditionally have pleasing selections. These comprise metal or cardboard displays in the shape of Christmas trees, stars, snowmen or wreaths. Small, freestanding holders look good on sideboards and coffee tables and can be used to showcase special cards from family and friends.

cards hanging display_20883838

Ribbon, Pegs & Maximising Impact

Cards can be displayed in so many ways. Much depends on the space you can allocate for said show. Let’s consider displays that use strips of ribbon and mini clips or pegs to hold the cards. Many stores sell beautiful ribbons that will match your decorating theme.

cards greetings box_117915121Staircase spindles, backs of doors and fronts of cupboards all provide a good surface area to accommodate a volume of cards. It is important though to consider how much traffic an area will get throughout the festive season as it’s highly frustrating to have to constantly re-assemble your display. It can be useful to anchor the base of any ribbon strip attached to a door to avoid it swinging around every time it’s opened, using command strips or removable wall adhesive tape. Christmas Hang Ups are available in the command strips range. Once your cards are attached, this product is invisible and won’t mark your walls. It can hold up to 50 cards of various shapes and sizes.

You may wish to dedicate a short section of wall, perhaps between two doorways in the hall, to get maximum impact out of having all of your cards displayed in one place. This can really set the festive theme going as soon as friends and family enter your home. Perhaps you would prefer to attach decorative ribbon across the top of a window frame and peg your cards along the line. This can look effective providing you don’t need to access the window and it’s high up enough not to provide entertainment for curious cats or small children.

A wonderfully seasonal way of displaying cards on a wall is to place the strips of ribbon in a triangular shape on the bare surface, before placing a flat star decoration on the top to resemble a Christmas flowers holly wreath_60924871tree. We have also seen this done using festive lights giving you an illuminated Christmas tree of sorts that doubles as a cardholder.

Continuing with our tree theme, small to medium size bare-leafed tree branches can also be suspended and used to hang cards from with ribbon. Varying the length and colour of the ribbon creates an interesting display. All homemade card holders can be further embellished by decorations and small amounts of Christmas greenery.

Staircases look fabulous with swags of greenery draped down their entirety and cards worked into the display. Just leave sufficient room to still be able to grasp the handrail without knocking the arrangement out of position. Even small Christmas trees can be used to peg Christmas cards to if you are so inclined.

Whichever way you choose to display cards, the sight of those festive colours and images is always a welcoming and warming sight. Conversely it can feel a little sad when it comes to taking down your display, so why not keep a few of the special cards – writing the year on the back – or keep those with wonderful pictures and designs to cut up and include in your wrapping designs next year as either tags or embellishments. If neither idea appeals then please place them in the recycling bin where they can one day be reinvented into another lovely product.