We are delighted to bring you original stories for the Christmas season. Each tale will make ideal festive reading for youngsters – but we know many adults enjoy them too! All are written by our resident author Phil Jones. Click on one of the titles listed below to take you through to the chosen story.

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“Rufus the Barking Reindeer”: Rufus is a pup with a problem…he wants to be a reindeer. More than that, he’d quite like to be Rudolph. You know what? Some wishes do come true…but at a cost. Maybe a dog’s life is not so bad after all.

“Rufus Sniffs Out Christmas”: Christmas has Rufus hooked. He can’t get enough of it. But where has it disappeared to? Can he use his best doggy power to find it? Rufus, in his second appearance, remains as adorable as can be.


“Can I Call You Santa?”: This book is a collection of letters and drawings sent to Father Christmas throughout the year, giving us the inside track to a few trade secrets. How does he get round the world in just one night? Did Coca Cola make his suit red? How does he keep an eye on children to determine his naughty and nice list? A regular contributor is Megan. We slowly learn of her problems, but how she takes heart and comfort from Santa’s correspondence…and the kind words of a clever white hare.

“Earonymous & the Christmas Challenge”: This is a fairytale involving the heroic mouse with giant ears called Earonymous and his super-talented friends with hyper-sensitive senses, who travel to face the testing Baron’s Christmas Challenge. They have to band together to win through, in the process showing what friendship is all about. The story will suit older children, as well as the very young.  

rabbit hare cartoon_55678882“Snowy Hare: An Elf’s Tale”: Meet the tiny white wonder, dropped in the North Pole snow, ready to see the world through fresh eyes – but only after help from an elf named Ed.

“The Lost Pole: An Elf’s Tale”: This offering in rhyme is about the day the North Pole lost its pole and thus its festive feel – all because of a robbing rascal of an elf named Sven. His naughty sidekick happens to be a whale.

“Santa’s Barrel”: Santa isn’t best-pleased when he gets caught without his famous red costume and ends up in his birthday suit. Are pesky elves at play? How will he get out of this one? The poem reveals all – if you excuse the pun.

“Clueless Lukas”: This is a story about a young reindeer who can be easily dazzled and causes some North Pole mayhem as a result. All this in spite of his name meaning “bringer of light”. Can he make amends and live up to his name or will Lukas be forever nicknamed clueless?

“Bogle’s Gift of Friendship”: Peetu is a penguin with a dream of travelling to live in the North Pole. When he is dropped off instead at a shopping centre in England, a teddy bear named Bogle comes to his aid and introduces him to the meaning of friendship.

“Sigrun & the Yule Lads”: Sigrun lives on a farm in Iceland. In the days leading up to Christmas in her country, thirteen Yule Lads come down from the mountains and deliver gifts to good boys and girls. But in doing so, they get up up to all kinds of mischief – stealing milk, sausages, ornaments and candles, among other things. Sigrun decides this Christmas she’ll play them at their own game. But be careful Sigrun…the tables could turn back again.

“A Beary Merry Christmas”: Bramley Bear holds a talent competition to choose his new partner for the festive season at his store. There are more misses than hits. But one contestant stands out. Just as well, because she might save Christmas for all.


These stories and poems are provided free of charge. If you like them then maybe consider giving a donation to one of your favourite charities to mark the joy of books and reading. We heartily recommend the Wood Street Mission in Manchester, a great supporter of child literacy. Visit: woodstreetmission.org.uk

Parents, guardians and teachers are advised to take a look at the stories and poems first to determine what age group they will best suit and entertain.

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Rufus the Barking Reindeer

Rufus Sniffs Out Christmas

Can I Call You Santa?

Earonymous & the Christmas Challenge

Snowy Hare: An Elf’s Tale

The Lost Pole: An Elf’s Tale

Santa’s Barrel

Clueless Lukas

Bogle’s Gift of Friendship

Sigrun & the Yule Lads

A Beary Merry Christmas

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“Now that’s what I call a fantastic choice of stories,” thinks Rufus. “If only I could read.”