“Noah Runs”


Noah was all grown up, now he was four.

He knew he was big by the notches on the door.

He still liked to throw. Doing sport made him glad.

He still jumped sometimes, but only when mad.

Noah was certain he was a good brother.

His sister at least had not found another.

He shared a few toys, kindness hard to replace.

He rarely shoved buttered toast in her cute face.

At first there was not very much she could do

Except sit there and gurgle and babble and poo.

But he liked her in spite of her limited ways.

One smile from her would brighten his days.

Things started to change when she got on all fours.

When she crawled at high speed across all of the floors.

Noah soon found there was nowhere to hide.

Wherever he went, she was there by his side.


It got even worse still when she started to walk.

And more troubling still when she started to talk.

Mummy and Daddy always poured on the praise.

Noah felt no part of this new toddler craze.

They cooed: “Look at our girl, walking upright.”

“Did you hear what she said? She’s so clever, so bright.”

All the attention on her was absolutely no fun.

So he took off round the room on a high-stepping run.

Can she do this?’ thought Noah as he ran at speed.

He sprinted up and down the stairs, then off down the street.

He ran around the open field, then off through the woods.

He flew like the wind so brisk, a bit like Daddy could.

Reggie ran in and out of every garden that he passed.

He shot up every driveway and he shot back just as fast.

He sped back towards his house twice the speed of that.

And still had breath once home to run rings around the cat.

Later that day he was back to moving slower.

Mummy looked sad, saying: “Tell me please, Noah.

You are a big boy now. You are now four.

So why all that running, off out the door?”

He wasn’t quite sure but he thought he could spy

A hint of a tear in the corner of her eye.

“You scared us when you ran off,” said Mum.

Noah now got why she looked quite so glum.

“Sorry Mum,” said Noah, “I just wanted to prove

That I’m quicker than my sister, that I can really move.

Then you can be as proud of me as you are of her.”

Noah stared with puppy eyes making Mum’s heart stir.

“We love you both the same, you’re all that we hold dear.

So no more running off and causing so much fear.”

The hugs from Mummy and Daddy made Noah feel secure.

After that he raced for fun…but would run away no more.

Copyright: Phil Jones 2018