“Noah Jumps”


Noah was a big boy now. He had turned three.

He had learned not to throw cake when in company.

Now he had to find out what was wrong with Mum.

She was looking odd these days, big around the tum.

Daddy was clearly worried. Why else do that?

Kissing Mummy on the head, giving her tummy a pat?

She wasn’t off her food. She ate many a bowl.

In fact, it looked like she’d swallowed a melon whole.

It was story time when all was told to Noah in his bed.

Mum and Dad were both on hand to get the story read.

But this was no Winnie the Pooh or even a Gruffalo wild.

This was something far more real all about a child.

Noah had eyes so wide as Mum did gently whisper.

A baby was on the way and shock…it was a sister.

It at least stopped him fretting about his bulging Mummy.

This explained it all now, this new girl in her tummy.

Daddy stated: “Noah, you’ll be a brother so big.”

Noah forced a smile and thought: “I’d rather have a pig.”

Then another big idea leapt into his head.

Noah pulled back the sheets and jumped upon his bed.

He couldn’t quite work out what had made him jump.

He just knew he felt the need when fixed on Mummy’s bump.

Noah bounced and bounced, reaching for the ceiling.

For a bright young boy in shock there was no better feeling.

The morning came and Noah sat eating his toasted bread.

Mummy looked puzzled. “Noah – please tell me,” she said.

“You are a big boy now. You are now three.

So why all the jumping in front of Daddy and me?”

Noah climbed from his chair and once more saw the bump.

He thought of what it was inside and once more had to jump.

“I just can’t help it,” he muttered to his Mum.

“I think its fear of what’s to come out of your tum.”

Noah bounded round the room, creating quite a scene.

Jumping came easy to him. It was something in the genes.

Mum once made the Olympics when she leapt high.

But this kind of jumping was much more small-fry.

Noah jumped in mud. Noah jumped off stairs.

Noah jumped at the zoo and mesmerised the bears.

Noah jumped in puddles. Noah jumped off walls.

Noah jumped on weekdays and weekends most of all.

Noah kept on jumping for all of his worth.

He even found some extra bounce the day his Mum gave birth.

But he was grounded and floored when he heard baby’s cry.

When Noah sat on the bed and looked into her eyes.

Mummy was some super, special baby deliverer.

What miracle was this, his sister Olivia?

Panicked no more, he’d leave the jumping to others.

Although his heart jumped for joy now he was big brother.


Copyright: Phil Jones 2018