Snuggling up at Christmastime and reading a wonderful festive story about our favourite characters can fill us with happiness. But then we love children’s books so much – no one more than our resident elf Ed – that we like to think you can create that feeling all year long. Be it bedtime, daytime, anytime, just pick up a book and read. In the case of How to Christmas, click on one of our children’s stories and enjoy it on your tablet or computer.

Here are some tales that don’t have a Christmas theme that you can enjoy all-year-round. Simply click on one of the titles to take you through to the story. All are written by our resident author Phil Jones. He and we hope you enjoy them.

“Dart the Dormouse”: Dart likes to chew through books and when he does something bizarre happens…he’s transported to another realm from within the pages.

“Noah Throws”: This is a rhyming story about a tiny tot named Noah, who likes to throw things a little too much.

“Noah Jumps”: More in rhyme from young Noah as he finds out he is about to get some unwanted company that might just make him jumpy.

“Noah Runs”: Being a big brother is one thing, being in the shadow of your baby sister is quite another. Noah decides there is only one course of action. This is the third of our rhyming Noah Trilogy.

“Where’s My Unicorn Horn?”: Camille is a new-born unicorn…or is she? There is something missing that makes the creatures of the forest  believe she might, in fact, be a horse. Camille sets out to prove them wrong.