As the new Millennium dawned, a huge television poll was conducted to determine the most important invention of the previous 2000 years. Number one was the printing press created by German Johannes Gutenberg in 1450. It paved the way for the written word to be made accessible to all. This impacted hugely on Christmas celebrations as the centuries rolled by, with lyrics to carols, festive poems and seasonal stories shared globally. Find out in this section what wonderful literature we have to share with you.

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CHRISTMAS FICTION: recommendations for adult festive stories that may well enhance your Christmas – Click Here

CHRISTMAS NON-FICTION: fact is stranger than fiction, they say. What about when it comes to Christmas? – Click Here

FAMILY BOOKS: stories for all generations to enjoy, especially when shared with family around a warm hearth – Click Here

GHOST STORIES AT CHRISTMAS: things go bump in the night, but why so much at Christmastime? Prepare to be spooked – Click Here

OUR ORIGINAL STORIES: we have some enchanting Christmas tales for you cartoon dog reindeer_208200829to share with your loved ones, including the dog with reindeer envy, a huge mouse with massive ears on a Christmas mission and a naughty elf running off with the north pole – Click Here

OUR BEDTIME STORIES: we love reading – and being read to – all year long, not just at Christmas. These How to Christmas original children’s stories do not have a festive theme so can be enjoyed every day of the year…bedtime or any time – Click Here

CHRISTMAS POEMS: a few festive verses to read now and a wonderful list of other poetry titles to seek out – Click Here

CHRISTMAS THOUGHTS: clever quotes, lines of poetry and thoughts to ponder, along with some beautiful images – all in one place for you to savour – Click Here