Christmas 2020 will be like no other. The world as it is, we all need some festive cheer more than ever and we like to think we can help. Few create Christmas spirit quite like How to Christmas – one of the world’s most comprehensive websites about the season. Fill your hearts and minds with our Christmas Decorating, Gift Giving and Wrapping Ideas, along with the magical Folklore, Traditions, Movies and Music of the season, including lyrics to some seventy-five favourite Carols and Songs.

We also have our very own Original Stories to delight young and old and a daily Countdown Calendar to keep preparations flowing. There’s wisdom and wonder at every click. Alongside knowledgeable Mrs C and her informed Yuletide team, mischievous and incorrigible Ed Elf has his own unique take on all things festive, especially for the children in your orbit. The 2020 Christmas season cannot and will not be the same as those that have gone before after such an unprecedented year. But there are still many treasures of the season we hope we can share.


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